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About Gelonade

Gelonade is a delicious cookie-like, lemon-drenched strain that TasteBudz Seeds grew from a tasty combination of Gelato #41 and Lemon Tree (also called, “Lemon Tree Kush”). Gelonade’s high sits like a heavy lump in the middle of your skull, where it can do the most work opening your eyes and arousing your motivation (among other things). Gelonade uses deliciousness (and about 24% THC) to help you feel lifted, happy, and ready to go.

You might expect the lovechild of two infamously delicious strains to be difficult to grow, but thankfully, Gelonade is a little easier on beginners than some other strains. It’s more about the preparation of the growing area with this strain than the growing itself, making sure the lighting, soil mixture, and nutrients are perfect for the type you buy. The strain’s yields vary depending on the unique genetics of your batch but expect around 550g of weed per plant. When it grows, Gelonade sprouts in dense, thick nugs, coated in purple-tinged trichomes and orange pistils.


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