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Critical Hash

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Critical Hash Review

This is another pretty impressive strain from the gang over The Golden Green Team. Here’s what we thought of their Critical Hash…


It’s got quite an even, chocolatey brown color going through it. Soft AF and got a sort of playdoh consistency, really easy to pull apart and squeeze. Nice looking too, you can sort of see the resin heads.

Sticky but not leaving residue all over your fingers. Easy to use. Bubbles gently as flame gets close to it but doesn’t burn up too quickly.


Such a pungent, punchy smell, sort of like posh womans bubble bath. Woody, incense like and a sort of rich tobacco smell there’s this tea tree sort of finish trying to clear my sinuses it’s really nice, not to overwhelming just wanna keep gettin back in there.

Great flavor really full and loads of balance to it. Got a grape fruity bitter thing in there and a barley like flavor, like a sweet, out of your grannies pocket, slight dab like almost, but then with this lighter, piney, kushy finish fuck yeah so tasty.


Straight away nose tickle, easy to smoke hash, not too heavy, top of the head high, nice sort of active, buzzy, get up feel in smaller doses. Not to good for concentration, bit creative high tho gets your wheels spinning.

Slight dryness in the mouth. Burns evenly through and leaves a smooth white light grey ash.


Chocolatey brown, super soft, pliable hash. Not too heavy and easy to smoke all day long. Proper full of flavor, with some really rich interesting smells. I loved it.


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