Dry Sift hash, Bubble hash, Finger Hash- what is the difference?

Dry-Sift Hash

Dry-sift hash is a cannabis process of sifting and sieving plant over dry sift filter screens and through friction allowing the trichomes glands to fall through the screen. The end product kief may be further pressed together by hand. It is considered the hardest to make and the least expensive concentrate.

The end product color can vary from light blonde-brown for softer sandy texture product or and darker brown, shinier for harder consistency. The purity of the product depends on the moisture content in the plant and the size of the screens. 

 How to store Hash?

For best potency and a short-term use, you can store it in a fridge a glass jar. For longer term use, best to vacuum seal it and keep in the freezer.

Finger Hash

Finger hash is one of the oldest techniques to make hash and it is extremely potent and stil used in India.

It is referred to the sticky resin that builds up on the fingertips during the rubbing process. The fresh bud is simply rubbed between the thumbs or human hands creating smooth, sticky, oily almost black in colour, THC rich resin which is then placed in the freezer and easily collected.

Bubble hash

Bubble hash is solvent- free technique and it is the most popular kind ad can hold up to 60 % of THC.

Bubble hash is simply made cannabis concentrate separated from the plant by using ice water, where the cannabinoid-rich trichomes and terpenes are then isolated through agitation and sieve. 

The cannabis plant is agitated with the water and ice to get all the trichomes to fall off and filtered through mesh filters and create a thick mixture. The mix is the passed through the screen filters to further isolate the resin and pressed into a brick. 

Bubble hash gets the name from the way in which it created bubbles when exposed to flame.

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Happy Bubbles!