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Smoking hash feels great! 

If you want ot got to Space, go for it – hash tkaes no Time to get you there!

1.   Pack hash in a hash pipe or a bong:

The most common method and by far the easiest.


Break a little piece of hash and break it into smaller pieces for better airflow. 

Once its powdery enough scoop into a pile and into a hash bowl and light the baby up for a nice smooth hit

You can mix it with flower or tobacco. 

2.   Roll hash in a Spliff or joint


Apply heat to the hash and once it gets malleable, spread it onto rolling paper like a snake roll and enjoy the puff.

3.   Using hot butter knife

Similar to dabbing but uses a lot higher temperature. Not very efficient as you will smoke up a lot of air, so it’s a bit of old school. 


Take 2 butter knives and crank it up on high heat on the stove.

Place a piece of hash in between the 2 knives pressing them together to combust the heat instantly so you can catch the smoke and inhale it by simply placing your face close enough to the smoke to inhale being very careful not to burn yourself.  

Once it is nice and cherry red hot, stick a straw tube or paper towel tube into your mouth to catch the smoke and inhale it. 

4.   Plastic bottle tokes

Very Canadian way to smoke hash!

Not the most recommended and healthiest option but this is the way it’s done.


Create a bong from an empty plastic bottle. 

Burn a small hole in the bottle, place a small piece of hash on th elot end of cigarette ember through the hole in the botle and let it fill up with smoke.

Toke through the neck of the bottle.

5.   Dabbing your hash, let’s go interstellar!

Dabbing is one of the newer unique methods of smoking hash through vaporization so it makes it a healthier option. Smoking through dab rig can reach up to 90% THC levels so keep that in mind as it will hit you right away. 

You will need a few tools for this one:

  • ·      DAB RIG – water pipe like a bong except it will have a nail fitting part
  • ·      NAIL – this is where you place your hash 
  • ·      DABBER – scoop, spoon like metal, titanium, glass or ceramic tool to apply the hash to the nail
  • ·      CARB CAP -helps regulate the airflow 
  • ·      HANDHELD TORCH -to light it up with the nail with


  • Load a small amount of hash onto your dabber
  • Using the blow torch, heat up the nail until it goes red and cool down for a few seconds
  •  Pick up the dabber and slowly lower the hash onto the nail and inhale the resulting vapour until the dab rig is empty.
  • To avoid losing the vapor, you can place the Carb cap over the nail during inhalation.
  • Fly to the Moon!

Dry Sift hash, Bubble hash, Finger Hash- what is the difference?

Dry-Sift Hash

Dry-sift hash is a cannabis process of sifting and sieving plant over dry sift filter screens and through friction allowing the trichomes glands to fall through the screen. The end product kief may be further pressed together by hand. It is considered the hardest to make and the least expensive concentrate.

The end product color can vary from light blonde-brown for softer sandy texture product or and darker brown, shinier for harder consistency. The purity of the product depends on the moisture content in the plant and the size of the screens. 

 How to store Hash?

For best potency and a short-term use, you can store it in a fridge a glass jar. For longer term use, best to vacuum seal it and keep in the freezer.

Finger Hash

Finger hash is one of the oldest techniques to make hash and it is extremely potent and stil used in India.

It is referred to the sticky resin that builds up on the fingertips during the rubbing process. The fresh bud is simply rubbed between the thumbs or human hands creating smooth, sticky, oily almost black in colour, THC rich resin which is then placed in the freezer and easily collected.

Bubble hash

Bubble hash is solvent- free technique and it is the most popular kind ad can hold up to 60 % of THC.

Bubble hash is simply made cannabis concentrate separated from the plant by using ice water, where the cannabinoid-rich trichomes and terpenes are then isolated through agitation and sieve. 

The cannabis plant is agitated with the water and ice to get all the trichomes to fall off and filtered through mesh filters and create a thick mixture. The mix is the passed through the screen filters to further isolate the resin and pressed into a brick. 

Bubble hash gets the name from the way in which it created bubbles when exposed to flame.

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Happy Bubbles!  

HASH  in Arabic, hashish means ‘grass’. Hash has been used for thousands of years ever since the first people discovered the curious sticky plant’s by-product.

Hashish, or hash is a waxy product formed by extracting the stalked resin.glands /trichomes/ and the #222 crystals from cannabis plant and compacted into a hardened solid block. Hash is a powerful concentrate which contains up to 60 % of THC and it is about 5 times stronger than smoking.

Hash are dense or crumbly sticky bricks and can have dark yellow, chocolate brown. green khaki or black color. Heavily pressed hash is generally darker on the eoutside.

Hash is consumed by inhaling, typically in a pipe, bong or vaporizer or consumed by cooking or prepared as a tea. People also make has butter , gummies, brownies and edibles.

What is the difference between hash and weed?

Both hash and weed come from the cannabis plant where weed refers to the dried flower and hash is a concentrate derived from the resin. The taste of hash is also earthier and less floral.

Does hash give you a different high? 

Well processed hash has a s stronger effect than the plant it came from. The high from hash or cannabis is influenced by the strain of cannabis.

What are the benefit of using hash?

  • Aromatic scent
  • Sense of well- being and happiness
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria and sedation 
  • Pain relief
  • Increased appreciation for food and music
  • Heightened sensual experiences such as vision , hearing and taste
  • Smoke free otion
  • Increased sociability 
  • Reduced fear

The Tale of Hasheesh Eaters!

Marijuana or ganja, bhanga, soma, gunbu as described and named by different nations has been used for centuries.

It dates back to at least the 3rd millennium BC in history and the plant has been valued for medical, religious and recreational use. 

The sun loving plants has also been used for fiber-based products such as rope and paper, as a medicine, incents burned during burial ceremonies and for food and seeds for their nutritional qualities. 

The first appearance of hashish has a long mysterious history and although its specific origin of its cultivation is not clear, it is believed that India and Nepal have cultural relevance in production of its early existence. 

The Egyptian hashish has been also been mentioned in the classic 1001 Arabian Nights stories” The Tale of hashish Eaters’. Around the 18 th century, Hashish then travelled to through middle east, Northern Africa, Spain.

In the Western world is was widely used for its medicinal benefits and believed to treat many medical conditions such as cholera, malaria, tetanus, rabies etc. According to Wikipedia, the beginning of 20 th century, the majority of hashish in Europe came from India, Afghanistan, Syria, Nepal, Lebanon and Turkey.

Temple balls, greatly concentrated hand rubbed end product, cultivated in Nepal is known for providing its potent punch-packing high and it is among the most cerebral of hashish. Nepali Buddhists used it in their rituals. 

Larger markets developed in the late 1960s when the most of hash was imported from what it is now modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan. While Morocco held a monopoly of hash, Afghanistan is now known as the biggest producer of a high quality of hash.

Modern use of hashish:

Most of the world is very popular and in high demand of hashish and its quality of the resin continues to improve due to advanced modern extraction techniques and methods of cultivation. Hash is now more aromatic, has a smoother consistency and taste. Europe is by far the largest consumer of hashish 

Thanks to missionaries, traders and nomadic tribes cannabis has spread to almost every corner of the globe and its quality and popularity is significantly rising. 


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